Wedding Reception Favors

Wedding Reception FavorsWedding reception favors are important for some of the wedding traditions. However the concept has been accredited by many other societies. The reason for the custom to become popular is its concept. The wedding guests are given small token of love from the couple. The guests can remember the occasion fondly and bless the new bride and groom. Moreover, giving a gift also adds to the features of hospitality that the couple is supposed to show. Since the wedding ceremony and reception are the first gathering of the couple with the society, it is believed that it should be marked by some graceful act.

The tradition of giving wedding reception favors was in vogue in the Christian marriages, especially those that follow English customs. The English believed that the guests must be satisfied not only with drink and food but also some gift. In the old days, sugar was a very rare item and was possessed only by the rich and the nobles. Hence when they gave their sons and daughters into marriage, they presented their guests with a little sugar inside a box. The sweet quality of sugar is believed to bring happiness in the couple’s life. Moreover they also thought that sugar brings good luck in the life of the couple.

It is true that sugar was not affordable by all the families at that time. Hence this tradition was only limited to the aristocrats and those who can afford to buy sugar cubes for the wedding ceremony. Nonetheless, the days changed and sugar became available in large quantities in every country. Those who could not afford to buy sugar started getting them. The tradition of presenting sugar in boxes as wedding reception favor became more popular. However, as it was now available in abundance hence people did not think it was important gift for the honorable guests. Continue reading Wedding Reception Favors